About Us

Warmest greetings to all our website visitors

We are an organization that aims to help the residents of Miami in finding reliable and topnotch companies that handle various repair and restoration services. Our main objective is to provide assistance and information to people around this area on how they can protect their properties. 

Our organization started way back in 2009 with a vision to extend helpful and relevant services to residents and commercial property owners all over Miami and its surrounding areas. Our main focus was geared towards water damage repair and restoration services, flood removal and mold remediation. 

Over the years, we fully realized and understood the importance of various repair and restoration services on all aspects and beyond water-related issues. This is the reason why we have decided to expand the scope of our coverage. To date, we are also providing assistance for fire damages which includes repair and restoration of damaged surfaces, smoke removal, sanitation, dehumidification, disposal of fire debris, and a variety of maintenance services. We are also providing aftercare inspection to ensure that nothing is left untreated.

We hope that you would find something relevant and useful from our website. Rest assured that we are continuously pouring out our efforts to provide you with valuable content and other helpful information.