Rafferty Announces $1.6 Million in State Funding for 44th Senatorial District

Harrisburg – Senator John Rafferty (R-44) today announced that the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) has approved $1.6 million in state funding for 11 water, sewer, and trails projects in the 44th Senatorial District.

“I am pleased that I was able to secure this funding for important projects in our region,” Rafferty said. “Initiatives to improve water service and sewage treatment are important for public health, and trail projects provide recreational opportunities that improve the local quality of life.”

The projects approved for funding are a part of four different programs that are administered by the CFA, including the PA Small Water & Sewer Program, Sewage Facilities Program, Greenways Trails & Recreation Program, and Watershed Restoration Protection Program. 

The financing was approved at the September 18th CFA meeting in Harrisburg. Funding for the projects comes from money generated by the Marcellus Shale Impact Fee (Act 13 of 2012) and Commonwealth Financing Authority bonds.

Montgomery County

  • Lower Pottsgrove Township Authority — $419,909 (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

This project involves the replacement of 1,357 linear feet of defective and leaking sanitary sewer line and six manholes along North Valley Road. The completed project will result in the reduction of extraneous stormwater entering the sanitary sewer system, enabling future development in the area. The line serves 42 residential properties. The project is part of a corrective action plan and connection management plan, both mandated and approved by DEP. The total project cost is $494,011.

  • Royersford Borough — $100,000 (Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program)

For Phase IV of the Royersford Riverfront Park and Trail project, the continued development of a 1.14 mile trail along the waterfront in Royersford. The Phase IV section of the trail begins at Main Street and First Avenue and ends near an existing trestle bridge. The project will consist of the installation of 750 linear feet of 10-foot-wide, ADA-compliant trail of paved slip resistant surface. Trail amenities will include a pavilion with four picnic tables, trash receptacles and benches along the trail, and interpretive signs. The total project cost is $572,300.

  • Upper Providence Township — $195,000 (Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program)

The township, in cooperation with Montgomery County, proposes to construct a pedestrian trail along the Schuylkill River to link the Upper Schuylkill Valley Park with the Schuylkill Canal Towpath Trail. The project will begin at the Black Rock Dam and extend to the Upper Schuylkill Valley Park parking area for a total length of approximately 8,000 linear feet. The project is an important link in creating a loop trail with the Schuylkill River Trail West. The total project cost is $650,000.

  • West Norriton Township — $75,000 (Greenways,Trails and Recreation Program)

To support design and construction of the Betzwood Park Trail Connection in West Norriton Township. The proposed project will include the design and construction of a new ADA-accessible trail connection between Betzwood Park and the Schuylkill River Trail. Currently, the connection is an informal dirt path created to serve as a connector between community, business and recreational resources. The construction phase will result in new signage, fencing, landscaping, and a 215-linear-foot asphalt trail path, connecting thousands of residents north of Betzwood Park with the 120-mile Schuylkill River Trail. The total project cost is $364,479.

  • West Norriton Township — $150,000 (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

West Norriton Township is seeking to upgrade the Forrest Avenue Pump Station to increase operational efficiency of the station. Many of the station’s components are at the end of their useful lives. Improvements include a complete demolition and replacement of force main piping and valves within the drywell, installation of a flow meter, pump replacement, power washing and repainting of the drywell, replacement of the control panel and level controls, and installing a fixed emergency generator. The total project cost is $359,750.

  • West Norriton Township — $68,090 (Sewage Facilities Program)

To update their Act 537 sewage treatment plan. The township currently owns and operates their own collection and conveyance system and sends all their sewage to be treated at Norristown Municipal wastewater treatment plant through an agreement that allocates capacity to West Norriton Township. Through the Act 527 plan update, the township will have determined if it should continue with its current plan, sending sewage to Norristown Municipal wastewater treatment plant, or build their own plant, or other options. The total project cost is $136,180.

Chester County

  • Caln Township — $59,500 (Watershed Restoration Protection Program)

For the installation of bioretention facilities at Caln Park West. Caln Township will install a three-prong bioretention system to reduce sediment pollutant loads to the West Branch Brandywine Creek Watershed. A vegetated filter strip, bioswale, and a raingarden will be installed at the Caln Park West soccer field. The total project cost is $70,000.

  • South Coventry Township — $100,000 (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

For improvements to the Woodridge Wastewater Lagoon, the first community wastewater system developed in South Coventry Township.  DEP has identified a number of serious problems with the system which include leaks in the lagoon treatment system, deteriorating piping and changing standards for the system. The project will drain and clean the treatment lagoon, replace the piping and valves between the two lagoons, replace deteriorating valves in the influent and disposal lines and seal both lagoons. The total project cost is $216,695.

  • Wallace Township Municipal Authority — $56,500 (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

To rehabilitate the sanitary sewer system, replacing 50 aging grinder pumps including the pumps, controls, wiring, piping within the tanks, and tank lids. The project will complete an Authority-led effort to replace 151 residential sanitary sewer grinder pumps. The total project cost is $202,909.

  • West Brandywine Township Municipal Authority — $309,217 (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

To reconstruct the Ashberry Pump Station in West Brandywine Township. The Ashberry Pump Station was constructed in 2002 to serve the new Ashberry Lane development, Monacy Manor development, and properties on Reeceville Road. The pump station capacity far exceeds wastewater flow. As a result, long detention times and short pump run times have caused excessive wear on sewage pumps and the sewage grinder to the point where the equipment needs replaced. The authority plans to convert the pump station from above-ground self-priming pumps to submersible grinder pumps. Water service to the pump station will be added to allow wash down and cleaning of the pump station. The total project cost is $363,785.

Berks County

  • Union Township Municipal Authority — $93,500 (PA Small Water & Sewer Program)

For construction of water system improvements to extend water supply and public drinking water to the township’s recreation area. The project includes improvements to an existing water supply and well to provide water service to the concession stand and irrigation water to the recreation area for watering of the recreation fields. In addition to providing water service to the recreation area, an arsenic removal filtration system along with ultraviolet disinfection will be installed on the existing water supply to provide safe drinking water. The total project cost is $110,000.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) was established as an independent agency of the Commonwealth to administer Pennsylvania’s economic stimulus packages. The CFA holds fiduciary responsibility over the funding of programs and investments in Pennsylvania’s economic growth.

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