Sen. Rafferty: Area Schools Receive Safe School Targeted Grants

A number of school districts in the 44th Senatorial District were awarded state Safe School Targeted Grants through the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the training and compensation of school resource officers and school police officers, and to prevent and reduce violent incidents through programs and security equipment, according to Senator John Rafferty (R-44).

Norristown Area School District in Montgomery County received a $24,980 Equipment Grant to pay for security-related equipment including student, staff and visitor identification systems; metal detectors; protective lighting; surveillance equipment; special emergency communications equipment; electronic locksets; deadbolts and theft control devices; and training in the use of the security-related technology.

Program Grants were are awarded to Owen J. Roberts School District in Chester County ($19,994) and Methacton School District in Montgomery ($12,500).  These grants are intended to promote an environment of greater productivity, safety and learning and enhance anti-violence efforts between schools and parents, local governments, law enforcement and community organizations.

School Resource Officer Grants and School Police Officer Grants were awarded to the following schools to provide for the training and compensation of school police officers:           

Norristown Area School District – 2017-18 – Year 2    $30,000  

Coatesville Area School District – 2018-19 – Year 1    $40,000

            A safe and secure learning environment is vital for educating students,” said Rafferty. “I am happy to join announce this state assistance to help these school districts keep students and teachers safe, and allow them to focus on learning.”

            The Office of Safe School Targeted Grants are a separate program from the new School Safety and Security Grant program created under Act 44 of 2018. Those grants are administered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and the deadline for application is October 12. 

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